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 Protune outdoor Products co.,ltd  wants all customers to be fully satisfied with their purchases and we reflects this commitment.

 Protune provide after sales service and support to our distributor & retailers, to ensure you receive prompt, efficient response to                            any enquiries you may have.

  Specific information guide to our warranties:

  • All products are warranted for personal,and commercial use .
  • Warranty is available to the original purchaser if during this time period the product fails due to a fault in either materials                                        or workmanship.
  • Service under this warranty is available by returning the product, with your purchase order within a year validity period.
  • If after inspection it is determined that the product is defective, we will repair or replace it  free of charge.
  • The warranty does not cover misuse or damage caused by accident, storm or wind damage, mildew, neglect, UV degradation                                and fair wear and tear,and any other artificial damages.
  • Please note the warranty will be deemed void if the product is used for other than what the product was designed for. 
  • If the claim is not deemed as a warranty or is outside its warranty period, we can repair the product at a nominal cost.
  • For more information please go to www.protuneoutdoors.com

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